UQOTD – Unicorn Quote of the Day

(I think this post escaped the Push Publish Button last week. So sorry!)

Here is another Unicorn Quote of the Day for you:

“Then what is magic for? What use is wizardry if it cannot save a Unicorn?”

– Peter S. Beagle; The Last Unicorn


img_1245 A “nice”, wintery unicorn tale.

Where do Unicorns go in Winter?

With 4 feet of snow around our house right now, and night temps in the negative numbers, I’ve been thinking about this question lately: Where do unicorns go in winter? I think I have a hint. If you can look beyond all the ads, here’s…something:


Dragons or Vultures?

A turkey vulture over Turkeyville

Not about unicorns this week, but I do have a dragon in my books.

I also realize that this photo is of a turkey vulture at our RV park in Turkeyville, MI. But it somehow reminded me of a dragon…or at least how dragons could have evolved. What does your imagination tell you?

Keep searching for unicorns…or dragons.

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