One-horned Critters (including unicorns, of course)

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There are many one-horned creatures found throughout history, also found in tales and art work. 

Some one-horned creatures are found even today, e.g., rhinoceros (India), goats (U.K.), and narwhal (Arctic Sea).

More mystical one-horned creatures include the gods Hathor (Egyptian), Kernunno (Wicca), and Pan (Greek), aka Faunus (Roman), both with either one or two horns

Ancient creatures also include Qilin (China), Abath (Maylay Peninsula), Ctesias (Greek), and…wait for it…unicorns (Europe, Middle Ages and Renaissance).

What have I missed?

Pick your favorite one-horned critter. I already know mine.


Cruise Cancellation Giveaway Winners

cropped-calrson-warunicorn-thering-1500Thank you all for participating in this giveaway on my new fantasy blog. The day has arrived to do the giveaways. Winners will be contacted individually.

Winners of War Unicorn: The Ring – Jason, Chaz, Helen, Myra, Literary T, and Tatiana.

Winners of Dragon Princess: Ann F, Charlie, David, dramaquil, s bell.

Winner of print of War Unicorn: Rachael A.

Thank you all for participating. I wish I had more copies available now to giveaway. But if you weren’t a winner, these two books are still rather cheap to buy. Happy reading.


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Day 2 of Cruise Cancellation Giveaway – Wine History

Tabor Hill Tasting Room

Today’s Cruise Cancellation Giveaway post is on wine. Actually, this is also on the BWL Authors’ BlogSpot today, as my “spot” is the 24th of each month:

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(Disclaimer: Too much of any good thing is always bad. Drink responsibly.)

Customs with wine-making and wine-drinking varies with cultures and times.

Here are a few interesting historical wine facts:
* Greek grape stompers were usually slaves, who crushed the fruit to live music
* Ancient wine was used as both beverage and medicine
* Alcohol is mentioned 165 times in the Bible, usually favorably
* Wine was often mixed with water, 1:3
* Additives were common, like cinnamon, violets, larkspur, parched bread, etc.
* Parched bread = toast (Cheers!)
* Cheers came from the Latin for face, but later came to mean gladness
* Before cork was so available, pitch, oil, or clay was used to seal the wine
* The host poured off the first of the wine to taste to make sure no clay or oil lingered
* By drinking first, the host also assured his friends it was safe for them to drink
* Romans sometimes sweetened old wine with sugar of lead (lead acetate), and after simmering in a lead pot, it was served in lead goblets
* During medieval times, people were afraid the devil would enter them through drink, so they clinked their wooden or clay goblets together to scare off evil. Other earlier cultures, also made noises before drinking to scare off ghosts or demons

Working IX to V by Vicki Leon
How Did it Begin by Dr. R. & L. Brasch

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Giveaway Week – Day one – Unicorns

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We’re off and paddling on Cruise Cancellation Giveaway week.

Why did I choose to write about unicorns? I never really had any interest in the fluffy things you see today. Then one day I played the “what if” game. What if there was a unicorn who wasn’t so sweet and fluffy? What if there was a unicorn who was rude and demanding. What if that unicorn had military training?

Hence: War Unicorn: The Ring.

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* Free 5-page critique

Let your teachers and librarians get in on this, too!

Best wishes to all. (Unicorns and I both give wishes.)


Just Comment to Enter Giveaway!!!

Blame it on family illness and cancelled cruise, but my brain does not function properly lately, even with the new clothes for the cruise and stunning glass jewelry from Venice from my son…


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Like I’ve mentioned: Work in Progress.

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Day of Flight to Washington for Cruise

3AE80436-5DD3-445D-8C99-9B66BF8862C2.jpegSo today we were to fly from Michigan to Seattle for our cruise to Alaska starting tomorrow. Not happening. Sick husband. But this cancelled cruise week means being creative.

Getting through airport security can be a bear! You would not believe how they questioned my cane and companion animal. Sorry to those behind me who had to wait, but, you know: airport security!

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And a great big thank you for reading this.