Tooting My Unicorn Horn

Thinking of fun unicorn adventure books to give to those you love this season? I be tooting my own unicorn horn here.

Who doesn’t want to hear what would happen if a unicorn’s horn fell off. Main characters are teens. Who can forget being a teen?

Please consider giving one of these. Or the entire set of four books (with the first book being Book 0).

Happy reading.Carlson_46 web

Calrson-WarUnicorn-TheRing-1500   WarUnicorn-web 123 MB


Carlson-WarUnicorn2Escape-web 91KB   img_2371

All books are available in print on Amazon and through Barnes & Noble as well as the BWL site below. There are limited links to each book on my Books Page of this website, but here is my Books We Love LLC Author Page, including all the many ebook stores:

I reiterate: Happy reading! And sharing!

Messages Left on the Trees

Now and then, while out hiking in the mysterious woods, I come across messages left on trees. No, I do not talk about vandalism by humans, but rather curious marks beneath bark surfaces, only revealed when said bark gets stripped away.

Messages. Yes, to me these can only be messages left by aliens visiting our wooded planet for future generations to find and decipher.

Recently, while hiking with my best friend, I was struck with his range of knowledge. The language, my friend informed me from his vast mental store, has a name: wormtongue.

Now I have a new goal in life: to decipher this mysterious language.

I wonder if unicorns can read it?

Keep Your Eyes Open For Portals

After a hike in the woods, I return home to inspect my photos with new eyes, rather like ghost hunters finding a face in a window unnoticed at the time.

Here is a picture I took on the edge of a creek. It sure looks like a beckoning portal to me, albeit miniature.

Perhaps you’ve come across other portals, unbeknownst to you. Would they whisk you to fantasy lands, lands which elves and dragons and unicorns simply call Home?

Keep your eyes and mind open, and look carefully over those photos you so innocently took. You, too, may come across a potential portal.