UQOTD – Unicorn Quote of the Day – from WU3


Here is a quote from my current WIP (Work in Progress): Rescue, The War Unicorn Chronicles, Book 3.

“But what about your prophesy of the burning fields? Didn’t you see the Spikonians burning the Plains?”

“I did not see who nor where, Aldric,” she answered. “My prophesies only indicate what might happen, or likely to happen.”

Rick wondered for the umpteenth time if unicorns really knew as much as they said they did.

“You mean, like I might marry a princess?”

“Bhrrr,” was her only answer.


3 Unicorn Books 1/2 Off for Year’s End/Beginning

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My three unicorn books (e-format) are 1/2 price today and tomorrow with Smashwords. Start your year off fantastically with fantasy adventure books.

The fourth book in the series is coming out summer of 2019. Yay.

(Is there a particular unicorn adventure you’d like to see?)

Unicorn Lovers are Unique


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(Also available in print)


People who enjoy unicorns are a unique breed.

I was recently at a craft fair selling both my Michigan historical fiction books as well as my unicorn books. Most of the shoppers were middle-aged, middle-class, white women. More of the historical fiction books sold that day I assume because of both the demographics of the customers as well as the fact that we live in Michigan.

But I found the joy on the faces of the people interested in unicorns most delightful. Some were sweet and happy, as if relieved to be in similar company after seeing so many other vendors with so many other products. Other people were practically possessive, hugging my book to their chests. The connection between some people and unicorns is unique, and very, very special.

Happy reading. Happy dreaming.

More Unicorn Time, Please


I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is my 10th year of striving to write 50K on a new novel in just 30 days of November. I’m working on my next War Unicorn Chronicles Book, temporarily titled RESCUE. The wonderful thing about participating in NaNoWriMo is that I know there are thousands, perhaps over a million by now, of other writers with that very goal during this month. (Not writing RESCUE, but their own 50K book.) My critique group even takes off during this month each year from our weekly subs and crits so that we can either cram out a rough draft or work on other writing projects. It’s a great writing month.

It’s also a horrid writing month. I mean, writing 1,667 words per day is stressful enough to put out, but there are also holidays, company, visits out of state, special church events, new community projects (training to be a high school mentor at a prep school), husband’s birthday, thinking about what needs to be done for the crazy month of December, plus, there are only 30 days vs the longer 31 days in other months.

Oh. Also this year I decided to try something new. One of my writing friends who also makes stained glass projects, says she sells more of her books at craft fairs than at book signings. So I signed up for two local fairs, but since they are craft fairs, I thought I ought to have some conventional hand crafts at my table besides my books. So I’ve been crafting this month, not with words, but with yarn and bottles and paint. Oh, my.

It’s killing me to be so distracted from my writing. I miss my characters. They’re on the cusp of a battle, for goodness sake. I miss my unicorn.

More unicorn time, please!

“All right,” I answer myself.  So for the rest of this morning I shall drop everything else (including this long-overdue blog post) and every other thought of what needs to get done, in order to gallop off with Neighbor — my all-time favorite unicorn in this or any world. Wish me writing luck.


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Finding Unicorns

Where to look for unicorns? That’s a question many people ask. Unicorns are exceedingly and increasingly difficult to find, especially in this day and age when people spread out over so much of former unicorn land. Yes, they are exceedingly and increasingly difficult to find, but not impossible.

First, you must find wilderness – wilderness where you can’t hear or see evidence of people. Then, sit silently, wait and listen. (Kids, always let an adult know where you’re going! It’s a rule.)

You might hear a rustle behind you, but don’t turn or the unicorn will see your movement and bolt away. Or it may just be a squirrel.

Wilderness. Silence on your part. Listening and being watchful. Waiting.

Success to all unicorn seekers.