UQOTD – Unicorn Quote of the Day

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Here is another Unicorn Quote of the Day for you:

“Then what is magic for? What use is wizardry if it cannot save a Unicorn?”

– Peter S. Beagle; The Last Unicorn


img_1245 A “nice”, wintery unicorn tale.

Unicorn – The National Animal of Scotland

I really ought to have known this earlier. There’s the historic nursery rhyme, “The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the throne…”

There’s also the flag, of course.

The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.

A high school friend of mine (MacDonald by name) recently texted me: “It is very Scotland-like to have a mythic animal as their country’s icon, they pretend to be all gruff and growly but are really romantics and mystics at heart.”

Scotland seems the proper place to have a unicorn on its flag.

UQOTD – Unicorn Quote of the Day

WarUnicorn-TheRing-150 jpg 73

In Iceland, books are given on Christmas eve, and the nation participates in silent reading into the dark night.

Here is a Unicorn Quote for you to herald in the new year:

The red gems on the closed ring glinted from the orange blaze. It must have closed when he rolled away from the horse. Aldric opened the lid again. In another rush of wind, the white horse reappeared and reared. She ran wildly and leapt, barely clearing the flames at the last minute. She turned, snorted, and stomped her large front hooves. Her ears lay flat against her head as she stared at him from the other side of the fire. The horn, he was sure it was a horn now, flickered orange. She stood still, breathing heavily, fire in her eyes. Or perhaps that was just the reflection. Aldric extended his arms and re-sang the calming song. It seemed like the unicorn cringed. She stared at his finger with the box-ring on it.

Carefully watching the beast, he held a finger over the open ring top. As Aldric shut the lid, he heard a mournful, Noo!

The unicorn disappeared.

– S. L. Carlson, War Unicorn: The Ring

Winter Solstice – Time for New Beginnings


Sunset in Glen Arbor.JPGPeople have celebrated the Winter Solstice thousands of years before Stonehenge or the Mayans or after Christians and Jews chose it to represent a time of light. Even unicorns, who watch the skies, are well aware of this special time of year.

This year, the winter solstice fell on last Saturday, December 21.

The long dark night is over. Days get longer. Hope is renewed. Time for new beginnings.

May you find the courage to celebrate light and new beginnings.

Tooting My Unicorn Horn

Thinking of fun unicorn adventure books to give to those you love this season? I be tooting my own unicorn horn here.

Who doesn’t want to hear what would happen if a unicorn’s horn fell off. Main characters are teens. Who can forget being a teen?

Please consider giving one of these. Or the entire set of four books (with the first book being Book 0).

Happy reading.Carlson_46 web

Calrson-WarUnicorn-TheRing-1500   WarUnicorn-web 123 MB


Carlson-WarUnicorn2Escape-web 91KB   img_2371

All books are available in print on Amazon and through Barnes & Noble as well as the BWL site below. There are limited links to each book on my Books Page of this website, but here is my Books We Love LLC Author Page, including all the many ebook stores: http://www.bookswelove.com/authors/carlson-s-l-ya-fantasy/

I reiterate: Happy reading! And sharing!

Messages Left on the Trees

Now and then, while out hiking in the mysterious woods, I come across messages left on trees. No, I do not talk about vandalism by humans, but rather curious marks beneath bark surfaces, only revealed when said bark gets stripped away.

Messages. Yes, to me these can only be messages left by aliens visiting our wooded planet for future generations to find and decipher.

Recently, while hiking with my best friend, I was struck with his range of knowledge. The language, my friend informed me from his vast mental store, has a name: wormtongue.

Now I have a new goal in life: to decipher this mysterious language.

I wonder if unicorns can read it?