UQOTD – Unicorn Quote of the Day

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Here is another Unicorn Quote of the Day for you:

“Then what is magic for? What use is wizardry if it cannot save a Unicorn?”

– Peter S. Beagle; The Last Unicorn


img_1245 A “nice”, wintery unicorn tale.

Looking for unicorns in an RV park

My situation has changed. Last week we moved out of our house and temporarily into an RV until we move once more into another house at the end of October.

It is certainly much harder to seek unicorns in an RV park, but nothing is impossible. Even in this open meadow campground, unicorns may still be lingering about. Along the edges, perhaps.

One must be patient. One must be diligent.

For instance, in the quiet hours of dawn, even here, near water — be patient, be diligent, keep seeking. They are around.

Fire Fly Fairy Sightings

I just risked many mosquitos tonight to take 90 photos just like this one. I kept “clicking”, hoping. But the tricky little fire flies/lightning bugs are so camera-shy-fairy-like that they never showed on film. But there were dozens out there. Seriously!

And every night when they return, they remind me of fairies, even though I have no photographic proof of them. I see them. I believe.

Pi in the Sky

Man, this pandemic is killing me. Not literally like it has with too many people worldwide, but emotionally and mentally.

To counteract that: cloud-watching. Not necessarily fantasy, but imaginative. Here is either a pi in the sky or an elephant with long legs. Or…your own imaginative take.

JRR Tolkien used made up animals. I wonder if he was a cloud-watcher, too.

UQOTD – Unicorn Quote of the Day

“There’s unicorns all over everywhere, even Woodmont. You know that, I know that, maybe nobody else does. You look for them, you listen for the music, you listen for Shei’rah. It’s somewhere, you’ll find it, if you want to find it enough. You got time.”

– Peter S.Beagle; The Unicorn Sonata


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Fairies in Our Yard

Fairies in Our Yard

This pandemic has kept me close to home. Yet if you look, there is magic all around. Do you not agree that these look like fairy shadows? Good. I do, too.

Keep the belief going, and pray for an end to this pandemic so we can get out and search for unicorns once again. I imagine the lovely horned creatures are simply enjoying not having to avoid humans as much during this time.

Stay safe, everyone.

More Unicorn Jokes

fairy on unicorn silhouette

For your fantasy pleasure:

Q: What do you call a scary female unicorn?
A: A nightmare.

Q: Did you hear about the unicorn with a negative attitude?
A: She kept saying neigh.

Q: What do you call a story about a runaway unicorn?
A: A tale of whoa.

Stay stafe. Escape to fantasy!